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Home buyers – Determine your mortgage affordability

By Pablo Gibson, financial writer for Safe Financing. Everyone dreams of owning a house of their own at some point of time in life. In order to fulfill this dream, people take out mortgage loans to purchase a house. These loans come at varying rate of interest as well as terms of repayment. There are […]

Investment Property Insurance

Property investment has become a popular choice for people who want to get into the business of investment. It is only natural with all the tax and mortgage benefits associated with a property investment. But property investments involve a lot of risk factors. To protect yourself from these perils, you need investment property insurance.

French Property Insurance

second home does not mean it requires only second-rate insurance. Say for example, you bought a property in France. Whether this one would just serve as your holiday house, a winter hovel, or romantic spot, you still need the right French property insurance coverage.

Alpha Property and Casualty Insurance Company

A foreign property and casualty insurer, Alpha Property and Casualty Insurance Company is licensed to conduct business in the Florida state. In 1979, Alpha Property and Casualty Insurance Company was first organized as a Wisconsin domestic stock insurance company.

RFID Property Insurance

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is the latest technological development that has broken through the property insurance market. By using radio waves to transmit information, RFID has helped several property insurance companies track down otherwise lost properties.

Florida Citizens Property Insurance

A non-profit insurance company, Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corporation was created in 2002 in a law passed by the State Legislature. It was right after Hurricane Andrew devastated the southern part of the state that Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corporation was established.

Outsourcing Property Insurance

Insurance companies are quite traditional in conducting their business. In all their business transactions, they employ the same conservative attitude and tradition-bound ideas. Their conservatism and traditional outlooks affect the way they invest the premiums they get from policyholders. This fact is rather ironic when you think about the nature of their jobs.

Property Insurance Training

So you want to get into the insurance industry. No question on that. Insurance is a lucrative business and it is a popular job choice among people – young and old, take your pick.

Florida Property Insurance

Before purchasing Florida property insurance, or any property insurance for that matter, it is important that you get enough for replacement cost. Most people, when deciding on their Florida property insurance, they go for the market value of their home instead of the replacement cost. While understandably logical, this practice is not necessarily practical in the Florida property insurance market.

Property Mortgage Insurance

What is property mortgage insurance? Why is it necessary? These are common questions you would find yourself asking when you are looking to get a mortgage.