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Home buyers – Determine your mortgage affordability

By Pablo Gibson, financial writer for Safe Financing. Everyone dreams of owning a house of their own at some point of time in life. In order to fulfill this dream, people take out mortgage loans to purchase a house. These loans come at varying rate of interest as well as terms of repayment. There are […]

Property Insurance for Landlords

If you own a rental property, it is very likely that you will have to grapple with costs of damages caused by your guests. So how do you overcome this hurdle in your financial investment? A lot of companies are now offering property insurance for landlords. Damages due to natural catastrophes such as fires, floods, storms, or water can be covered by property insurance for landlords.

RFID Property Insurance

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is the latest technological development that has broken through the property insurance market. By using radio waves to transmit information, RFID has helped several property insurance companies track down otherwise lost properties.

Citizens Property Insurance Company

Because of the frequency of hurricane and windstorm occurrences in Florida, homeowners in that state have trouble getting insurance coverage from the open, private insurance market.

Home Title Property Insurance

Is it possible for someone else to claim ownership of a property after closing? The answer is yes. And this is especially true if you do not have home title property insurance.

Citizens Property Insurance Company

            Citizens Property Insurance Company is a non-profit insurance company created by the Legislature in 2002. The establishment of Citizens Property Insurance Company is aimed at helping homeowners in high-risk areas get insurance.               Before Citizens Property Insurance Company, homeowners in Florida had trouble finding companies that are willing to give them insurance for […]

Property Insurance for Small Business

            So you have your small business all set up, but do you have property insurance coverage? If you have none, then all is lost. Property insurance is a key aspect of every small business. Think of your property insurance as the glue that keeps your small business together. Without property insurance, your small business […]

Property Insurance Claim

To get the amount of coverage you need, you would have to file for a property insurance claim. A property insurance claim is a legal document outlining the cost of damages of your insured property.