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AllState Property Casualty Insurance Company

AllState Property Casualty Insurance Company is part of the AllState group of companies that are one of the leaders in the insurance market.

Property Insurance

For most people, insurance is a necessary aspect of life. It is the safety net that protects you from a crushing fall or an imminent disappointment during hard times. There are several types of insurance available, such as life, auto, workman’s compensation, liability. But perhaps the commonest type is property insurance. Whether you are a homeowner or a business operator, property insurance is the one area you should not neglect. So, what is property insurance?

Business Property Insurance

A significant aspect of every business is your business property insurance. Aside from wages, the single most important asset you have in your business is your business premises and to protect that, you need business property insurance.

Personal Property Insurance

Most people think that the only property insurance policies they need are those that protect their homes and their cars. However, nearly all of us own certain types of belongings that are not covered by a regular home insurance policy. The solution? Personal property insurance.

Property Liability Insurance

Any business owner can attest to the critical important of property liability insurance to his business. Property liability insurance provides coverage for any liabilities or damages caused to a person due to negligence resulting in faulty products and services.

Property and Casualty Insurance License

There are several requirements needed in order for you to qualify for a property and casualty insurance license. Below is a list of these property and casualty insurance license requirements. These property insurance license requirements are separated into two segments – property and casualty insurance license for resident agents and property and casualty insurance license for non-resident agents.

Property Insurance for Small Business

For your small business to succeed, you have to be ingenious and hard-working. But all your hard work and ingenuity can be wiped out just like that with one single disaster. To protect yourself from such calamities, you need property insurance for small business.

Property Insurance for Landlords

If you own a rental property, it is very likely that you will have to grapple with costs of damages caused by your guests. So how do you overcome this hurdle in your financial investment? A lot of companies are now offering property insurance for landlords. Damages due to natural catastrophes such as fires, floods, storms, or water can be covered by property insurance for landlords.

French Property Insurance

second home does not mean it requires only second-rate insurance. Say for example, you bought a property in France. Whether this one would just serve as your holiday house, a winter hovel, or romantic spot, you still need the right French property insurance coverage.

Alpha Property and Casualty Insurance Company

A foreign property and casualty insurer, Alpha Property and Casualty Insurance Company is licensed to conduct business in the Florida state. In 1979, Alpha Property and Casualty Insurance Company was first organized as a Wisconsin domestic stock insurance company.