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Investment Property Insurance

Property investment has become a popular choice for people who want to get into the business of investment. It is only natural with all the tax and mortgage benefits associated with a property investment. But property investments involve a lot of risk factors. To protect yourself from these perils, you need investment property insurance.

Property Insurance for Landlords

If you own a rental property, it is very likely that you will have to grapple with costs of damages caused by your guests. So how do you overcome this hurdle in your financial investment? A lot of companies are now offering property insurance for landlords. Damages due to natural catastrophes such as fires, floods, storms, or water can be covered by property insurance for landlords.

Florida Citizens Property Insurance

A non-profit insurance company, Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corporation was created in 2002 in a law passed by the State Legislature. It was right after Hurricane Andrew devastated the southern part of the state that Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corporation was established.

Citizens Property Insurance Corp

Florida homeowners, especially those in high-risk areas, experience a difficult time getting insurance coverage for damages caused by hurricanes and windstorms. Many private insurance companies are almost adamant at writing new policies that are specific to their insurance needs. For this reason, the Citizens Property Insurance Corp was created

Citizens Property Insurance Company

Because of the frequency of hurricane and windstorm occurrences in Florida, homeowners in that state have trouble getting insurance coverage from the open, private insurance market.

Home Property Insurance

How much your home property insurance coverage will cost is not the only thing to consider when you’re shopping for insurance.

Property and Casualty Insurance

The recent large court decisions against insurers have jeopardized profitability of the property and casualty insurance industry.

Citizens Property Insurance Corp

The damage brought by these hurricanes has caused many private insurance companies to not offer policies that provide enough insurance coverage. Because of this, Citizens Property Insurance Corp was established.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

In a law passed in 2002 by the Florida legislature, the Florida Residential Property and Casualty Joint Underwriting Association (FRPCJUA) merged with the Florida Windstorm Underwriting Association (FWUA). The result of the merger was called the Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.