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Home buyers – Determine your mortgage affordability

By Pablo Gibson, financial writer for Safe Financing. Everyone dreams of owning a house of their own at some point of time in life. In order to fulfill this dream, people take out mortgage loans to purchase a house. These loans come at varying rate of interest as well as terms of repayment. There are […]

The Truth about Insurance Credit Score

Summary: Underwriters have tapped credit score as basis in deciding whether to accept or reject an insurance application. Is it unfair or not?

No Fee Home Equity Loan

Today you can find lots and lots of home equity lending companies. These home equity lending companies are constantly on the lookout for homeowners that want to acquire home equity loans, as most of the homeowners in the United States are now tapping on the equity of their homes by taking out home equity loans.

Low Interest Home Equity Loan

Summary: Interest rates are the most important aspect on your contract that you should take notice because it’s how lenders make their profit

How to Read Credit Scores

Credit scoring is a mathematical algorithm used by credit reporting agencies like Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union, in order to come up with a three-digit number, based on information found in your credit report as compared to information found in tens of millions of other people’s credit reports.

Envision a Better Life by Increasing Your Credit Score

Your credit score can make or break your way of living or lifestyle in a lot of ways. Maintaining or keeping a good credit score, especially in times of economic hardships, is really quite extraordinary.

Mortgage Loans with Low Credit Score

When something drastically happens to a loan agreement the usual consequence is that the injured party will shy away from loan and credit agreement, thinking that such incidence will result to a low credit score that would result in turn a ‘no-interested’ lending party.

When Is It a Mistake to refinance?

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking refinancing is always a viable option. However, this is not true and homeowners can actually make a significant financial mistake by refinancing at an inopportune time. There a couple of classic example of when refinancing is a mistake.

AllState Property Casualty Insurance Company

AllState Property Casualty Insurance Company is part of the AllState group of companies that are one of the leaders in the insurance market.

How To Improve Your Credit Score

Students are not just the ones who receive report cards every now and then. Even if you have finished school, you are not an exemption. As a matter of fact, you are clearly entitled to a more serious note especially when you start to buy anything that can be considered as luxury.